Cloud Computing


Microsoft Azure Cloud Management Services

Nubicorp Managed Cloud for Azure combines the flexibility, scalability, and power of the Azure cloud platform with Nubicorp’s award-winning support and managed services. This gets enterprise customers running in their new Azure environments quickly, securely, with less overhead, and more predictability.


Office 365


With new enterprise capabilities, take the work out of working together

In today’s digitally driven, fast-paced world, your company needs a reliable, cloud-based solution in order to run smoothly and thrive in your industry. Microsoft Office 365 modernizes your workplace giving your team the resources to work on-the-go, on any device. The Office 365 experience is innovative, consistent, fast, and collaborative – everything your business needs to be a frontrunner in the digital race.


Cloud Governance

Azure enables your organization's development and IT departments to be agile by making it easy to create, read, update, and delete resources as needed. However, while giving unrestricted resource access to developers can make them very agile, it can also lead to unintended cost consequences. The solution to this problem is resource access governance—the ongoing process of managing, monitoring, and auditing the use of Azure resources to meet the goals and requirements of your organization